A new approach for managing weight compliance

Transport Specifications Ltd has been heavily involved with roading heavy vehicles and machinery in New Zealand, we have noticed over the years there is no agreed process for accurately weighing vehicles or weighing shipping containers that meet international standards, most weighing platforms in New Zealand are either of a complete weigh bridge platform designed to weigh bulk products for commerce or strip weigh bridges used to weigh individual axles and lately weigh in Motion systems employed by NZTA to monitor heavy transport movements.

The Vehicle Dimension and Mass Rule 2002 legislation requires individual axle weights, axle group weights, and overall vehicle weights to comply with certain weight limits, if weighed road side by an enforcement office each weight band is recorded and if found in excess of the legal regulations infringement notices are issued, in some cases the fines can be over $40,000.00

Let alone if it is proven a vehicle has damaged the infrastructure such as a Culvert or bridge an operator may be held responsible for the cost of repair.

Bulk weigh bridges are not designed for determining individual axle weights or load share as the approaches are not necessarily level, the bridge may not be capable of supporting an over dimensional vehicle, or access to and from the weigh bridge facility may restrict larger vehicles. Over weight vehicles such as mobile cranes may exceed weigh bridge capacity.

Strip weigh platforms capable of weighing a single axle are suitable for weighing individual axles however are unable to weigh the complete vehicle in a single weigh.

According to international weighing standards ; to accurately weigh an item the entire vehicle needs to be weighed in unison, and display a single total gross weight.

Individual pad scales are another method for determining individual weights of vehicles however again only capable of weighing a single axle at a time. TSL have used this method for many years with our own scales however have noted due to modern suspensions such as hydropneumatic or electronic air suspension the axle weights are continually adjusting to roading conditions. As a result you cannot guarantee there is a fluctuation in weight from axle to axle.

As a result we have researched internationally to see what products are available to suit New Zealand conditions, capable of weighing individual wheels, axle weights, and axle group weights and to gross weights all in a single weigh.

We have now purchased and operating a system capable of weighing a total of six axles at once up to a maximum capacity of 130,000kg. The system is fully mobile and available throughout New Zealand.
The system is of European design and meets OIML regulations.

If you need to weigh a heavy vehicle, transporter including rows of 8 axles, mobile machine, mobile crane or other plant we can come to you.

The other benefit is to weigh your asset on site at your premises, allowing you to make the necessary adjustment prior to driving on the road.

The system can be used to weigh

  • Mobile Cranes
  • Truck and Trailers
  • Mobile Machines
  • Mobile plant
  • Auditing on board scales
  • Auditing of payloads